Paracuru is located in the state of Ceara, in the northeast of Brazil, 90 km north of Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceara. To reach Paracuru there are 2 options. The easiest route is via BR 222, going north or the route going along the coastline called “Estruturante.” In both cases the transit time from the airport is about one hour. Paracuru has a population of 30,000 people, most of them dedicated to fishing and production of local handicraft material. This coastal town is very well known for its beaches, for its warm, sunny, dry weather and for its constant wind ideal for wind and kite surfing. To complete the picture there are huge white sand dunes and tropical forests all around. Paracuru offers restaurants and services to accommodate all different tastes and budgets. Its center is ideal for an evening walk, to party at one of the many bars and especially to enjoy the local music Forro and Samba.


Paracuru beaches are considered among the most beautiful in all of Brazil. All the beaches surrounding the town have golden sand, unbelievable sea water and a constant dry warm breeze. Due to these characteristics, Paracuru is an ideal location for all beach and sea lovers. Praia Das Almas is surely one of the most interesting portions of the coastline, closest to town. This beach is a huge stretch of gold sand dunes with palms all over the place. These dunes also keep a very old secret because underneath them there is the old town of Paracuru that disappeared under the sand more than a century ago. Barra do Rio Curu is located north of Paracuru. The coastline in this particular section is huge, interspersed with beautiful lagoons where it is very common to see fishermen looking for crabs and other sea products. Praia de Munguba is the most popular beach in town and becomes a colorful show at each jangada race, the typical wood boat used for fishing in this area. Praia de Pedra Rachada is located south of Paracuru and is well known for its natural pools. This Beach is very popular among the young people and has become an authentic festival of music, dance and joy during Carnival season when the young Fortaleza crowd comes to town to celebrate this particular time of the year. But without any doubt the most popular beach in town is Quebra Mar, well known worldwide as a kitesurf paradise. This spot is considered one of the best in the world, both by professional kite surfers and the beginners. Strong constant wind for at least six months of the year, flat water from the shore up to 500 meters in the ocean is just an ideal spot for EVERYONE who wants to practice any surfing related activity. "